About Us

Icom-Scottech was originally established in 1994, offering component forming and sub-contract electronics assembly. Following almost twenty years of continual growth and expansion, Icom Scottech can now satisfy all aspects of electronics production for your company. Icom-Scottech is currently jointly owned by Lee Jackson, Julie Dunkley and John Scott. This current ownership structure having been in place since June 2012, and will continue to fulfill your future requirements.

From the vast amount of experience collectively held by the current management team, Icom-Scottech have an in-depth knowledge of their current customers and the market sector.

Now representing multiple LED manufacturers in the UK, Icom Scottech are moving forward into high speed, high volume production of LED PCBs being supplied worldwide. Our design team have facilitated the growth of numerous customers in this market sector to allow us to produce these high volume PCBs from inital customer concept.

Going forward, the value added service that Icom Scottech can offer, will further aid our continued growth by providing customers with highly marketable products from conception to high volume production.

Expected continual growth for the coming years, will further Icom Scottechs requirement to invest in further Staff and equipment to ensure we can can meet the changing needs of the electronics production sector.