Introducing Icom Scottech Ltd

Reality in electronics contract manufacturing from the initial quotation cycle through product introduction, manufacturing and delivery to meet the customers changing requirements. A complete “open approach” from the outset, where the skills, resources and facilities of Icom-Scottech can be perceived as an extension of your organisation and business. Customers have direct communications with engineers whose remit is to provide a direct link with all manufacturing and technical aspects of the product programme. This link can commence at the design stage, where our engineers contribute to design for manufacture and continue throughout the production demand cycle.

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Scottish tech firm plans growth and recruitment

The head of a Scottish tech firm is predicting a period of sustained growth and more highly skilled jobs in the region. John Spence, managing director of Ichor Systems, said the semiconductor manufacturing equipment supplier is planning to expand its L…

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Imagination secures big smartphone design-in with MediaTek

Imagination Technologies has secured an important design-in for its MIPS processor technology with MediaTek. Crucially this takes MIPS into high-volume smartphone modems. The mobile phone chipset firm has adopted the multi-threaded MIPS I-class CPU for…

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Gate drive PSU aimed at SiC mosfets

Recom is aiming at powering silicon carbite mosfet gate drives with its latest 2W dc-dc converters. “High-frequency and high-voltage switching are the main challenges of driving SiC mosfets,” said the firm. “A typical DC/DC isolation voltage should normally be at least twice the working voltage, but the high ambient temperature and fast switching edges generated …

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