Introducing Icom Scottech Ltd

Reality in electronics contract manufacturing from the initial quotation cycle through product introduction, manufacturing and delivery to meet the customers changing requirements. A complete “open approach” from the outset, where the skills, resources and facilities of Icom-Scottech can be perceived as an extension of your organisation and business. Customers have direct communications with engineers whose remit is to provide a direct link with all manufacturing and technical aspects of the product programme. This link can commence at the design stage, where our engineers contribute to design for manufacture and continue throughout the production demand cycle.

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U-Blox M9 meter-level positioning technology features GNSS chip

The U-Blox M9 global positioning technology platform, targeting automotive, telematics, and UAV applications, is now available. Using the GNSS chip, UBX-M9140, the M9 technology platform and the Neo-M9N, the first module based on the platform, can rece…

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Cadence 3D-IC packaging integration flow certified by Samsung Foundry

Cadence Design Systems’ 3D-IC advanced packaging integration flow has achieved certification for the Samsung Foundry MDI (multi-die-integration) packaging flow based on the 7nm low power process (7LPP) technology. The reference flow was developed in close collaboration with Samsung Foundry to provide mutual customers with a full planning, implementation and analysis flow for 3D multi-die packages. …

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MIT teaches robot arms a new gripping trick

MIT has found a way for robot arms to change the point at which they grip an object by gripping loosely, and letting it slide as it is pushed against a wall or other solid object. The challenge is not trivial, as that object can not only be pushed stra…

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