Introducing Icom-Scottech Ltd

Offering a range of contract electronic manufacturing services from design to full production.

ICOM-Scottech can offer quick turn around prototypes and volume PCB assembly from its high speed SMT lines, as well as conventional through hole assembly. In addition to test and box build services, we are well positioned to support customers in all aspects of electronics manufacturing.

 A complete “open approach” from the outset, where the skills, resources and facilities of Icom-Scottech can be perceived as an extension of your organisation and business. Customers have direct communications with engineers whose remit is to provide a direct link with all manufacturing and technical aspects of the product program. This link can commence at the design stage, where our engineers contribute to design for manufacture and continue throughout the production demand cycle.

 ICOM-Scottech are a proud member of the Made in Britain initiative.

Made in Britain

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ST sets up lab-in-a-fab for piezo MEMS

STMicroelectronics is setting up a 200mm piezoelectric MEMS research facility inside its existing semiconductor fab in Singapore, in conjunction with the Singapore research institute A*STAR’s IME and Japanese manufacturing-tool vendor ULVAC. The three companies have a history of working together. “This collaboration will accelerate the adoption of piezo MEMS actuators in new fields of application …

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Dialog gets auto qual for haptics driver

Dialog has received automotive qualification for its DA7280 high-definition haptics driver. As a result,  Alps Alpine has chosen the DA7280 to be used in conjunction with the Alps Alpine Heavy, the latest in the company’s family of HAPTIC Reactor linear resonant actuators (LRAs), to fuel intuitive interactive experiences in automotive applications. Dialog claims that the …

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Silicon MEMS resonators

SiTime continues to siliconise the $7.7 billion timing market with ApexMEMS resonators. The devices represent SiTime’s third-generation of all-silicon MEMS technology and operate at popular MHz frequencies. ApexMEMS resonators are suited for high volume, space-constrained Mobile and IoT applications such as Bluetooth modules, hearables, high-speed connectivity interfaces, asset-tracking, and microcontrollers. “With our recent Cascade  family of MEMS …

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